You’ve got your photographer down… AWESOME! Now you’re asking yourself, what about videography? We’ve heard from past brides that their wedding video was their favorite keepsake / best investment (and yes, it is an investment, but one that is totally worth it!). I’ve also heard that one of their biggest regrets in LIFE was not booking videography. What do you think you'd you regret more, booking or not booking? Here are a few reasons we are on the booking side:


Reason #1:

Capturing Motion & Sound. 

While still photos provide an incredible view of the wedding day with options to print and display them for years to come (wedding album, anyone!?), videography adds something extra to the after-viewing experience: motion and sound. After it’s all said and done, you will still be able to see the mannerisms of the people you love, hear the vows that you exchanged with one another, and hear the laughs, the sounds, the toasts, and the tears. For as beautiful as photos can be, they will never be able to capture motion and sound, which makes videography a MUST.

Reason #2:

Your WHOLE day, in a few minutes. 

The day you’ve planned for (sometimes) years flies by in as little as 8 hours, leaving your head spinning and a whole boat load of memories to recall. We do our job to capture as many moments as we can in both photo and video, but with an added bonus of being able to edit the clips down to music and voice, your whole day can easily be wrapped up into a few minutes, making it your new favorite music video that you’ll be watching (and crying to) over and over. It’s easy to share, easy to watch, and makes remembering the day’s quirks and best moments easy. The best part? Mom will be happy too, with video options to capture the ceremony and all the main reception events in full.


Reason #3:

Keeping the sentimental memories alive. 

If you’ve ever lost a close friend or family member, you know the ache of wanting to hear or see them one more time, so having their movements captured on video can be priceless when you’re able to see and hear the person you love again, and the part they played on your wedding day. Even if a close family member suddenly wouldn’t be able to attend your wedding day due to illness, you are able to show them the video after the fact so they can feel the spirit and joy of your wedding day. There’s nothing like being able to look back on such a happy day spent with your closest friends and family, captured like a paused moment in time for years to come.


BONUS: Choosing Your Videographer.

Filmmaking is a craft, and wedding films are no different. A well-put-together film takes thought, dedication, editing experience, and the right equipment to get the job done, which is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. And as long as the style matches yours in shooting style and editing, the product is something that moves you, and the videographer is professional, present, and you like them (they ARE spending your WHOLE day with you) - it’s well worth what you’ll pay.

However, a few things you’ll want to consider in booking Caitlin and I as a team is that the photos and the videos you’ll receive will look incredibly similar and be edited as true to the colors of the day as possible for a timeless feel. We are business partners and best friends, which means we ROCK as a team… but it also means that we stay out of each other’s way during the important moments (hello videographer walking in front of the camera!). We work together to make sure we get the shots we need, without compromising either product. The result? Cohesive and consistent work across the board.

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