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you're getting married!!!


you're getting married!!!

“We got way more than we could have wished for in our photos”

Caitlin and Courtney of "Caitlin's Living Photography" did an absolutely phenomenal job with our wedding and engagement photos. As an engaged couple looking for a photographer, we were completely overwhelmed with the sheer number and cost of photographers recommended online. How do you pick? When we hired Caitlin and Courtney, we got way more than we could have wished for in our photos. The style, clarity, and quality of the shots is unbelievable, and their ability to capture the real, candid moments is second to none. Aside from being talented photographers and artists, both Caitlin and Courtney were a pleasure to work with. They are two of the kindest and most considerate people I have worked with. My wife and I are both awkward picture takers, and they made every posed shot look natural. When we needed a laugh, Caitlin was quick with a joke, and when we needed direction, she was on it. On the other hand, we didn't even notice the candid photos being taken as they captured the little details of the wedding day that make it special and unique. Everyone wants their wedding photos to turn out beautifully without having to worry. With Caitlin's Living Photography you'll get just that, along with professional service and a quick turn around too! - Ryan

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