It has been a while since a wedding day has moved me to tears, but there were a lot of moments that I found myself watery-eyed. I was so moved by the closeness that they had with each other and with their families, that I understood their wedding day was truly a celebration of their union.

Paige and Andrew, may you both find happiness, goodness, and comfort in one another for the rest of your days.

A few of my favorite photos from the day are below.

2016-06-03_0002 2016-06-03_0007 2016-06-03_0006 2016-06-03_0003 2016-06-03_0004 2016-06-03_0009 2016-06-03_0010 2016-06-03_0011 2016-06-03_0045 2016-06-03_0046 2016-06-03_0014 2016-06-03_0015 2016-06-03_0016 2016-06-03_0017 2016-06-03_0018 2016-06-03_0019 2016-06-03_0020 2016-06-03_0021 2016-06-03_0022 2016-06-03_0023 2016-06-03_0024 2016-06-03_0025 2016-06-03_0026 2016-06-03_0027


2016-06-03_00282016-06-03_00482016-06-03_0047 2016-06-03_0031 2016-06-03_0032 2016-06-03_0036 2016-06-03_0034 2016-06-03_0035 2016-06-03_0037 2016-06-03_0038 2016-06-03_0039 2016-06-03_0040 2016-06-03_0041 2016-06-03_0044

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