Every year come wedding season, we try our best anticipate each wedding, and see how they unfold. But the thing we look most forward to isn’t the gorgeous hair and make-up or the stunning gown and reception venues, but the overflowing love that brings two people together on such a special day in their lives. LOVE is what makes OUR hearts skip a beat. It makes the day feel easy and pure. It makes the people around the bride and groom smile from ear to ear with joy in celebration of that love. And our first Saturday of wedding season exceeded anything we could anticipate.

Michelle and Lucas had an amazing wedding. And we mean AMAZING. The family was laid-back and jovial. The timeline allowed so much space to breathe. At the ceremony, they recited their own vows. At the reception, they danced like no one was watching. The friends and family members had speeches which made us cry and then made us cry laughing. We drove home with sore cheeks and full hearts. I can’t say enough about these two and their wedding day.

Without further ado…