Great for any session type, or even as a slightly less extravagant wedding album option. In order to design your signature album all we need from you is:

  1. You to make a favorites list in your online gallery of the photo’s that you would like to see included in your album

  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page

  3. Approve the album proof once we send it and VOILA!

portrait 8.jpg

Album Prices Begin At:
5x5 album - $76 
8x8 album - $106 
8x10 / 10x8 album - $106 
10x10 album - $136 
8x12 / 12x8 album - $136 
12x12 album - $151

Base Price INCLUDES:
10 spreads
Base prices include the cost of Faux Leather and Softcovers Please specify an image that you would like to have printed on the cover if you choose the soft cover.

portrait 7.jpg

Additional Charges For:

Bonded Leather Cover $30
Linen Cover $50
Additional Spreads all $3.30   
Debossing on Front Cover: $30 
Foil Stamping on Front Cover: $15 
Boutique Box: $15 

** The top 4 cover options (Black, Espresso, Gray, and White) are Bonded Leather.

Foil Stamping Options

Add foil stamping in Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver, Matte Silver or White in Alana Pro or Garage Gothic font

Up to three lines of text & up to 28 characters with spaces

Located in the center or lower right corner.

Available on bonded leather and faux leather

Screenshot 2019-06-13 07.27.18.png
Screenshot 2019-06-13 07.28.50.png

Debossing Options

Available in in Blind (no color), Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver, Matte Silver or White.

Available on Bonded Leather, Faux Leather and Linen

Placed on the front center of your cover with up to three lines of text.

Screenshot 2019-06-13 07.27.08.png
Screenshot 2019-09-12 11.49.27.png
Screenshot 2019-06-13 07.28.42.png

The most frequently asked question…. What is a Page Vs. A Spread. Well, I made a handy dandy little diagram for ya.



Please read this carefully, otherwise, I will likely just have to email you and ask for clarification on a bunch of things and then you’ll have to come back to this page and yada yada…. pretend like it’s a test that will ace you out of the class…. and go!

Example: Soft Cover, Leather, Linen, etc.
Foil stamping can be done suede, bonded leather, faux leather, standard leather and pearlescent leather. Debossing can be done on Standard Leather, Distressed Leather, Metallic Leather, Pearlescent Leather, Linen, Suede and Velvet covers.
Foil Stamping Font:
Foil Stamping Placement:
Debossing Font:
Debossing Placement:
All luxury wedding albums include a boutique box.
*PLEASE double check spelling and details. We will copy and paste address exactly as it is below.