Lead Photographer + Videographer


WEDDINGS are my jam!!! while i may not be at every session, rest assured, i'll be there to document the greatest love stories ever told - yours. romeo and juliet wasn't that romantic anyway.

Speaking of passions, I'm the kind of a girl who wears numerous hats (no, I actually wear hats - ignore Caitlin's about page). But seriously, as a barista, photographer, and yoga instructor, I've done more than I thought I could. You'll be in shock and awe at how far you can go when you start taking small steps every day.

I really love making lists, so here's a list of what I love... 

  • Wearing hats (let's just address this right away)
  • A good cup of coffee - the reason I opened Bee-You Café
  • Poetry - guys, they're like REALLY short stories
  • Finding new music
  • Cats, all cats... every cat
  • Laughing and smiling literally almost all of the time
  • Hearing love stories - like YOURS!
  • Puns (I am a self-identified pun queen)
  • YOGA - taking yoga, teaching yoga, talking yoga, etc.
  • Anything outdoors
  • Small shops in big cities
  • Helping where I can, when I can, in any way I can


Three words: Yoga, yoga, yoga.

Want to calm your mind? Yoga. Want to get in shape? Yoga. Want to love yourself more? Yoga. Yoga, yoga, yoga. The desire I have to show the world how AMAZING this ancient, spiritual practice is HUGE. I am overflowing with excitement every time I get to talk about it. Everyone can do it and everyone should do it. You can find me at The Yoga Garden teaching a few days a week.


Caffiene, anyone!?

My love of coffee stems WAY back to the rip ol' age of 3 (thanks for sneaking me some, grandpa!) and has carried with me into adulthood. While I'm not someone who NEEDS a cup to wake up, I genuinely the taste and smell (small coffee shops are my fave). One universe-driven string of things led to another and I'm now the proud momma of a coffee shop called Bee-You Café in downtown Uniontown, PA.


My Cat, Tessy. <3

UGHHHH - this little orange ball of fluff is the world to me. I'm not a momma, so this little girl is my fur baby. I've been around my fair share of cats, and I still can't explain how complex and unique this little girl is. She has an Instagram, a favorite color, a favorite food, a favorite toy, and she LOVES to play tag. If you have a cat or a dog, get ready to pull up a photo and prepare your ears for a SQUEEEE.


Let's get active...

Yoga, hiking, biking, running, bouldering, tennis, kayaking... I love 'em all. I love to be outside and I love to push my mental and physical boundaries. For example: two years ago, I couldn't run a mile - after some pushing (and maybe some arm-twisting) from my BFF Caitlin (who totally believes in me), we ran our first marathon on May 6, 2018. Your body is capable of so much more than you think!!!

That's all she wrote!

Find me week days at the café to talk about cats, coffee, running, yoga, health, etc.

Seriously, I CANNOT wait to meet you!