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I am SO pumped that you're here! To me, that means you think maybe, just maybe, I'm the girl you'd like to have follow you around like PAPARAZZI on your wedding day..... and that my friends... is legitimately what I have the greatest passion for. 

Speaking of passions though, I'm kind of a girl who wears numerous hats. Once I get excited about something, I go for it with 110% dedication. AND, that has led to quite a few ventures. Which, we can talk about later.

The basics though, the short and sweet on what I love... 

  • Running... lots of miles

  • Waking up 2-3 hours before my family (This would be known as me time)

  • Reading... everything, like 10 books at once

  • Learning about God's Creation, and ALL the Biblical events that I can absorb

  • Learning , learning, learning... did I mention learning?

  • Yoga!! We own a yoga studio!

  • Food, lots of food... I eat more than anyone I know

  • Chocolate, and Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream

  • Helping others get inspired and build the confidence they need to CHASE THEIR DREAMS!

  • Lilacs & vetiver

  • Naps

My Honey

This guy is my rock. My safe harbor. And, the person that trusts me and loves me enough to support all of my BIG DREAMS! He's my business partner, my sounding board, and a stay-at-home hero to our kiddos. He makes sure we are all loved to the moon and back and helps anyone and everyone that he can. I really won in this dept.


The Rascals

Kolby, Krew and Camilla... my inspiration. Each one of them has inspired me in different ways to be and become the best person I could. They are really the three best kids a person could ask for. Well mannered, loving, kind, humble and unique. Kolby is our athlete, Krew our artist, and Camilla our bundle of JOY. I could totally love on 3 or 4 more though. With time....

Uniontown Yoga


I once believed that the extent of my yoga practice would be just that, to practice. Then a fire began to burn in my heart and I knew I had to teach. I had to share this thing that was changing my life in more ways than I could describe. And, so I did... and well, one thing led to another and in October 2017 The Yoga Garden was founded. 


You're running WHAT?

This is the typical reaction I get when I tell people how many miles I run in a week. On the road, and especially on the trail, I feel most alive. It's usually before dawn and the air is just so nice. My most recent run was an ultra-marathon and it still seems surreal to me, but it's just another reminder that YOU can do anything you aspire to.

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