First comes love then comes.....



And that is SOOOO exciting!!  You're probably still getting used to that beautiful ring on your finger, choosing your venue and calling your bae "fiancé" even though, let's be real, doesn't it feel so weird at first? So, now it’s time to plan your big day, and, if there is one thing I know to be true after shooting over 100 weddings, it's that the ONE thing that matters most is having amaze-balls photos to laugh over, cry over, and one day show your children, and your children's children. I mean, let’s be real, the rest of it all will be wilted, eaten, and gone by the next day.

That said, having a killer wedding photographer should be on the top of your list of priorities. Which is where I can come in handy! Not only will I make sure that you have a gallery jam packed with beautiful photos that are fun enough that YOU WILL LOVE THEM, but I am also sure to be timeless in my style, so Mom and Grandma love them too! I've got a knack for creating those effortless couple photos that you will want to print and hang on all your walls. And, you can also count on me to be there for advice, whether it be planning out your timeline, navigating all the tough decisions or as emotional support. I've got your back! I've photographed enough weddings from start to finish that I KNOW WHAT WORKS! I will be calm and patient, when everyone else is freaking out. I will be honest and helpful; fixing your stray hairs, tidying your hotel room, bustling your gown, and managing your bridal party when they begin acting like inebriated kindergarteners... you name it, I've got it! 

And I do it all because I GENUINELY CARE!


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Wedding Coverage starts at $2900 and Collections start at $3500

If you love what you've seen on the site and dig my personality then you should probably shoot me an email. Even if you don't think I'm in your budget, contact me anyways. Depending on your date, how soon your wedding is, and how well we vibe we can probably make something work. If and only if you are truly in love with my work, and not just shopping around for the best price. It's worth a convo! Just be real with me and remember that I am a human, just like you.