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Caitlin & Courtney: Lead Photographers

Two peas in a pod. That's pretty much sums us up. We both LOVE shooting weddings, and are die hard advocates for being your most authentic self...we strive to convey that very thing in our work as photographers. When you book with us you're going to get a combination of literally laughing out loud fun mixed with "I've got memories to capture and I genuinely care" mentality. Our shooting styles are pretty much precisely the same, the only difference being about 4 inches of height. And, besides doing a bomb-ass job of photographing your wedding, the next most important thing to us is making sure your day is as stress free as possible. Yes, we've done this enough times that we can totally help with that. Finally, always know you can be totally real with us. When you are real with us, we can give you exactly what you want and need, create images that convey the real you, and then boom... it's like rainbows and kitty cats... raining, rainbow kitty cats. 

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James: Photographer

James, while he's spent some time back-and-forth between NY and Pittsburgh, is a 'yinzer' at heart. A bookworm raised around photography, he and was introduced to shooting at an early age by his dad. He is trained in the elements of traditional portrait photography, but has a deep appreciation for fine-art photography and the technical elements which comprise it. 

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Luis: Videographer

Fresh from Los Angelas, Luis has a die-hard passion for videography and is eager to share it with greater western PA! When he isn't shooting and editing, he's planning his next adventure, with a yearly goal of visiting 5 new states. If you want a wedding video that will make you feel as pumped up as you did the day of your wedding, he's your man!