You asked, we answered.

how long will it take to receive my photos?

Thankfully, it won't take long! Wedding galleries will be available within 6 weeks of your date, typically more like 1-2. All other sessions will be available within 2 weeks of your session.


Do you have a second shooter?

Yes! Courtney is my right hand gal. She's been in the business with me for 5 years now and we've shot over 100 weddings together. All wedding packages come with two photographers. It is vitally important that no matter who you book with, ensure there are two photographers there to capture your big day. Occasionally we double book a wedding day and she lead shots at the second wedding. But 9/10 wedding she's with me! When we both have a wedding the same day we shoot primarily with the guys on our team page!


Do you offer VIdeography?

We sure do! There is something about video that really pulls at your heart strings. If you're interested in learning more click here!


do you bring back up equipment?

I always come prepared with back up equipment and a plan.



While I do at times remove imperfections that I see distract from the images, I do not often retouch images. I believe we are all beautiful, and I try to keep my photos as natural as possible. If you would like a retouched photo, it is $20 per 4 images.


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

You may hear my shutter clicking a lot! However, I do not deliver every image. I take a lot of photographs in order to capture the perfect moment and expression. During my process, I choose the best images, and only the best of them will be delivered to you.


have you shot at my venue before?

We have quite a few weddings under our belt, so it is likely that we have shot at your venue before. However, if we have not, we will always visit the venue prior to your date in order to make a plan for the lighting conditions and any other circumstances.


do you do destination weddings?

Yes, we currently are available for destination weddings and would be happy to travel anywhere  in order to accommodate your needs.


what is a full-print release?

A full print release means that you have the right to reproduce the images as you please, and the images will not contain a watermark. However, we can only guarantee the quality of the images that are printed through the consumer friendly, and we highly recommend that you go through them to order prints.


how will i receive my files?

We use a gallery system called Pixieset in order to deliver your files. The gallery is easy to navigate and you are able to buy prints or products directly from the website. If you have any questions about navigation, click here for our detailed walkthrough.



Yes, I always back up my images and I try to keep them backed for 1 year. I keep the in the gallery live for a minimum of 6 months as well. We do strongly recommend you download your files and store them in 2 places. 


Do you have any other questions?
Contact us here and we will be more than happy to answer them!